Day 47 – 25th August (Mont-Tremblant)

Just realised we are approaching the halfway mark in this great adventure. It’s flown by.

Another good night’s sleep, aided by the now-working aircon.

Breakfast chaos was even worse than yesterday. We brought some of Jean’s bread down with us to make our own toast, as once again there wasn’t any bread available. We managed to survive.

We’d had a vague idea yesterday, after our struggle to find anything to eat, to go into the village of Mont-Tremblant itself and get some food to cook in the room for this evening. So we decided to turn this into reality.

There is a free shuttle bus which runs from the resort into the village. We managed to catch this, but didn’t realise quite how far it was (it’s about 12 km).

On the way, we picked up a school party of around 20 kids, all aged about 4 or 5. They kept us entertained until they got off a few stops later.

25 or so minutes later, we arrived in the village. The weather was warmish – low 20s – but a bit cloudy.

We had a look around and established the whereabouts of a Métro supermarket to visit later for our shopping. We then wandered around this quite pretty place.

Nice little church
Me neither

Stopped for a coffee:

Very good it was, too. And the loos were nice and clean…..

I literally caught myself thinking that we were in France. French written and spoken everywhere and very little English. A slightly weird sensation when one realised that we were still in Canada!

Time to go and do our shopping. We zeroed in on some very nice looking steak early doors, but as usual when you’re in a strange supermarket, finding stuff was difficult. However, we eventually made it, including getting some lemon and ginger tea! We even dared the self-service checkout! How good is that, eh?

Back to the bus stop for the return journey. Bus was only a few minutes late, and dropped us off at the resort some 20 minutes later. All for free. So we have some steak to look forward to tonight. 😋

Spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the balcony, but the temperature was dropping steadily. We actually had to turn up the heat on the aircon.

Yours truly then cooked the steak meal. All went well apart from some smoking from the grill. No alarms set off, mercifully, and it wasn’t half bad, if I say so myself.

We leave for Montreal tomorrow morning, so packing needs to be done. Better get on with it, then……

2 hour car journey awaits, and I anticipate some stress as we get into Montreal, the second biggest city in Canada after Toronto. Hope you will follow this to see how we get on.

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  1. Sounds like a good day! Bit less toy town thankfully 😅

    1. Yes, although we sort of got used to Toytown! In Montreal now – definitely back to reality!

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