Day 63 – 10th September (Miramichi)

Short post, you’ll be glad to know!

Comfortable night in a queen bed each.

Breakfast was very good and again very reasonably priced, served outside with a good view of the River Miramichi.

Nice bridge, shame about the smoke
Terrace on the hotel front

As reported yesterday, the laundry was beginning to pile up. There was a launderette about 10 minutes’ walk away, but the reviews were absolutely dire. We opted for one about 15 minutes’ drive across the river, because these things are important, you know…..

Top-class launderette – and we should know! It had a TV, a toilet and its own WiFi, forsooth. We didn’t have the right change, but managed to raise the revenue by dint of swaps with other launderetteers and a visit to a local Deals4U store. Said revenue was 3 loonies – a term that Canadians use for the 1 dollar coin, which depicts on it a bird called the loony. In the UK it’s known as the far more unwieldy Great Northern Diver!

To add to this excitement, we also managed to sort out a niggly problem with the car. I could unlock the driver’s door remotely with the key, but none of the other doors would unlock until I pushed the requisite button on the driver’s door. I found the right setting within the car menu to fix this. Aren’t I clever? 😇

The short drive to the launderette at least gave us an opportunity to have a brief look around Miramichi. It is actually composed of two towns – Newcastle on the north bank and Chatham on the south. Neither looked very inspiring, to be honest – big-town grot – so we decided to have an afternoon of rest, as the weather was lovely.

As our journey to Shediac tomorrow is a short one, we might find something that merits our attention tomorrow morning. It’s nice also to get away from the relentless French, as English is the preferred language here.

And so it came to pass. We sat by the riverside in the sun, Jean then went for a swim and I a beer!

We had dinner in the hotel again, and very nice it was too, sitting outside in the evening sun.

We both needed the break, I think.

So passed a really riveting day, I’m sure you’ll agree. Maybe. Not.

Hopefully tomorrow might capture your attention more. We wait and see, don’t we? Maybe. Not.

4 responses to “Day 63 – 10th September (Miramichi)”

  1. Rest days are very important. Like laundry

    1. You are so right, Lesley! These things are indeed important, you know! 🤣

  2. i agree with your friend Lesley rest days are important and Jean more importantly
    you had a nice swim that is always top of my list and then next is food
    Today james my eldest is 40 today where has the time gone!
    He is celebrating with all his brothers and friends on a long weekend drinking and doing adreline activities.on saturday we are having a big family party which he does not know about yet so busy week preparing for it

    1. Good luck with it all.

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