Day 67 – 14th September (Fox Harbour)

Latish night doing the blog, so didn’t set an alarm, as we were expecting to do very little today. Which proved to be the case.

Comfortable night in this fantastic resort, and actually got to breakfast in plenty of time, where it was eerily quiet. We both plumped for the continental breakfast buffet, which was remarkably good value, with the wait staff being very attentive.

After this, we drove round the estate just to get our bearings and for Jean to determine where she was to have a swim and a pedicure later. The pool was empty and huge by hotel pool standards.

This place even has its own airstrip, for heaven’s sake! Looks as though it could land a Boeing 727!

The golf course dominates the estate, but we passed through an area, the Harb’r Stone Village, where you can actually buy or timeshare a property. A very nice property, actually. It reminded me a bit of the upscale gated communities that one occasionally finds in well-off parts of the USA.

The Clubhouse, where the two restaurants are
View over the golf course to Northumberland Strait
Mini marina in the estate of privately owned property

Further investigation found a path down to the shore.

This would have the potential to be a very convivial gathering around the firepit on a better day weather-wise

Back to our room, where the famed Walker resourcefulness was employed to do the washing, i.e. by using the jacuzzi bath jets. These things are important, you know…..

Much in the way of various items of very damp clothing then festooned the bathroom, lounge and the patio, as it was a warm and breezy day. Many precautions had to be taken to mitigate the possibility of items of underwear landing on the ninth tee…..

As it was at least a half-mile walk to the spa area, I dropped Jean off in the car. Told you we were having a lazy day.

Got the call later to collect Jean from the spa building. Disappointingly, because of a timing mix-up with her pedicure, she didn’t have time for a swim, so we’re trying to figure out how she can do that tomorrow morning without having to get up too early….

Dinner was in the posher of the two restaurants as booked last night. Despite the claim that they were going to be busy, it was very quiet, but an excellent meal with great service ensued. Pricey again, but not totally outrageous.

The washing was more or less dry by the time we returned to the room, I’m sure you’re reassured to know, so we spent the rest of the evening packing and preparing to leave for Halifax, Nova Scotia, tomorrow.

The very mundanity of today has been its great strength. Very relaxed, and got a lot of admin stuff done, including the washing, suitcase rearrangement, jettisoning unnecessary paperwork, etc, etc.

Lovely clear light overlooking the outside restauraurant terrace towards the Northumberland Straits
Sun setting over the firepit

Please check back tomorrow for another report on this great journey. The USA leg is not too far away – we cross the border on 19th September if the Yanks let us in. 🀞

For now, good night.

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  1. this looks a lovely place to stay and have a nice rest

    1. It is. We’d like to stay longer, but we must move on.

  2. You’ve stayed at some amazing places!

    1. We certainly have. So fortunate.

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