Day 68 – 15th September (Fox Harbour to Halifax)

Bit of a busy morning, but we managed to fit in our usual lemon and ginger tea, a swim for Jean (which she thoroughly enjoyed in a huge pool all to herself), packing the car up and checkout before settling down to another nice breakfast at this amazing resort.

Fox Harb’r pool via Jean

As it was only a short drive – about two hours – to Halifax, we lingered over breakfast.

We both felt a bit dismal leaving the resort, as it has been a great experience, but as usual we must move on. However, we took some final pictures as we were leaving.

Rather boring drive, to be honest, livened by checking the largest street number and having to pay a $1.25 toll to cross the Macdonald Bridge across the harbour.

I’m sure you recall that the previous record was 13300 at Miscou lighthouse. Of course you do.

We got close to 15000, but never actually saw it. 😮‍💨

Driving round downtown Halifax was a bit trying, but we got to the Prince George hotel by around 2.30 p.m. Checked in, and checked the room, but the view was over a roof in an advanced state of disrepair and a promise of very noisy works on it from early morning to late afternoon. No, thanks.

We got transferred to another, better room without demur.

View from the window

Got settled in and used the hotel concierge service to give us some ideas of what to see and do in Halifax. Oh, and to book a restaurant for tomorrow night….

The hotel is a long stone’s throw from the harbour waterfront, so we decided to take a walk down the hill and have a look around, having booked the in-house restaurant for tonight’s meal. It was very blustery and rather chilly, but nothing to us battle-hardened travellers….

As I know virtually nothing about this place at the moment, I have no idea what the following pictures are actually of. Hopefully some clarification forthcoming tomorrow.

An absolute plethora of bars and restaurants, so we selected one that looked inviting and had seats in the sun.

Shiraz for me on the right, a Diablo cocktail on the left for Jean. The latter contained tequila and ginger. Pretty powerful.
Yucca fries

After this sustenance, we wandered further along this very attractive waterfront.

Cruise ship in town
Island out in the harbour

We then happened on a statue of one Samuel Cunard.

He, of course, is renowned as the creator of the Cunard Line, featuring the great royal liners, one of which, the Queen Mary 2, we will be sailing back to Blighty on at the end of this trip. What I didn’t realise was a) that he was born in Halifax, b) far earlier than I’d thought. I’d had him pinned as late 19th century. How wrong can you be?

Back to the hotel, where we had a delightful meal in the restaurant. For the record, as I know one reader of this blog always wants to know what we ate, Jean had beef and I had Atlantic char, a lovely fish closely related to trout and salmon.

We don’t have any specific plans yet for tomorrow, but it might include our usual bus tour to get a flavour of this historic city.

Night view from the hotel window

We’ll see, won’t we?

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  1. yes Chris you are right im always interested in what you have to eat
    Jean the pool looks lovely and all to yourself luck sod

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