Day 79 – 26th September (North Conway to Lake Placid)

After a Hampton Inn style plastic breakfast, we started our long drive to Lake Placid.

Checking out was not without incident. Despite the fact that our reservation had been lost, then found, there appeared to be a room charge on my account. The young lad at the front desk really didn’t know what to do, so he took the details and promised to sort it out. So far, I’ve not been charged anything…..

It’s very brown, 1970s decor. The dining room was gloomy and depressing, and I’m getting rather fed up with having to make do exclusively with paper cups. No mugs or glasses in the room. Still, we took advantage of the free coffee to fill our flasks for the journey ahead.

The weather was fine and sunny to start with, and it was a super, if long, drive. Jean took loads of pictures of the trees changing colour, and we really did start to get a proper sense of what this would look like at the height of the fall colours season. Some were taken through the car window, so maybe not the best quality. Still, surely enough for you to get the idea. Hopefully.

Glorious colours on hillsides in pockets here and there along some smooth roads. A great driving experience. Even if we don’t get to see the full monty, which is highly unlikely now, at least we now have a taste of it, and that will do.

Stopped along the way at the top of some mountain or other for a break and to consume most of the bits of food we have left, plus coffee from the flasks.

We’d crossed from New Hampshire into Vermont by now, and we then crossed into Upper New York State. It was at about this point it started to rain.

Some fairly sinuous roads were our lot during this journey at times, but nothing really hairy.

About 20 minutes from our destination – the Best Western Adirondack Inn at Lake Placid – it really started to hammer down. However, arrived safely and, thank goodness, they had our reservation. The welcome was effusive and much appreciated.

Another decent sized room, but again in need of refurbishment. Clean enough, apart from the carpet, but paper cups, no glasses or mugs. It’s OK, but would really like something a bit classier. I suppose it keeps the costs down.

Our hotel
An attempt at an ornamental pond
View of the Mirror Lake, but not from our window
Mirror Lake in the pouring rain

We just went to the local pub, literally 50 feet away, for dinner. Not half bad, actually.

Weather not looking great tomorrow, but that should give us the opportunity to visit the Winter Olympic Museum just across the road, which promises to be very interesting. They were held here in 1932 and 1980.

Some nice scenery may also await us after a visit to the local tourist bureau to find out what else there is to do. Join us tomorrow to find out how we did.

4 responses to “Day 79 – 26th September (North Conway to Lake Placid)”

  1. Lovely fall colours starting to develop – a nice taste of what is to come

    1. Yes – unfortunately we won’t be here to see it in its full glory. Two nights here, one night in Vermont, and then to Boston. However, enough to give us a real flavour of what it might be like.

  2. tree colours are beautiful
    do you have to drink aclhol in paper cups?

    1. Yep. Wine, gin, tea, coffee all in paper cups. Very classy.

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