Day 82 – 29th September (Manchester, VT to Boston)

After some pretty cruddy hotels, it was nice to experience a decent one again. And to be served at the table with serviettes, proper coffee cups, metal cutlery and china plates! Bliss!

Another lovely, if longish, drive, with some more terrific views of the fall colours. On the whole, this is a very affluent area – some nice towns, countryside, woodland and huge houses.

Relatively quiet on the roads, until we reached the outskirts of Boston. A few boo-boos on the way, but we drew up outside the hotel at around 3 p.m. to be greeted by a doorman, who dealt with our humongous baggage very efficiently.

Checked in, and decided to upgrade to Fairmont Gold, as it provided us with a considerably bigger room and better facilities. We are here for four nights.

Next stage was to deliver the car back to the Alamo depot at Boston Logan Airport, only 8 miles away. This proved extraordinarily difficult, as the satnav just slowed right up and could only find me periodically. Boston is a difficult place to drive around at the best of times, and this really did not help at all. Very, very stressful.

I found a quiet place to stop, more by luck than judgement, and just switched everything off, IT Support style, then switched on again.

It worked. The satnav then behaved itself and I drove to the drop-off point with relatively little trouble.

I did feel a bit sad walking away from the car. We’d done over 4,000 miles in it, and it has been extremely comfortable and roomy. It was also nice to get a zero bill for it via email.

My resolve to use the public transport system to get back to the hotel collapsed when I realised it would take a while and it was already late. Besides, a Uber was readily available, so I took that option.

40-minute journey back to the hotel in dreadful traffic, with the driver talking on his phone all the time to someone else in a foreign language, ignoring me completely. He didn’t get a tip.

Dinner consisted of the free hors d’oeuvres that comes as part of the Gold package, and we arranged to do our usual hop-on-hop-off bus tour for tomorrow via the concierge. Whilst this was being organised, I took a couple of pictures of this amazing looking hotel.

I noticed that a charge of nearly £2,500 had been applied to my credit card by the hotel, and it looks as though we have a repeat of the problems we’ve had before, in that the room does not appear to have been prepaid. The concierge undertook to sort this out, but I’ve not had any confirmation – yet. Could be another acerbic message to Trailfinders….

And that, basically, was it for the day. I’m knackered after that immensely stressful journey taking the car back, so hopefully a good night’s sleep in a nice comfortable bed will sort that out.

Tomorrow is another day! Let’s see how that goes.

6 responses to “Day 82 – 29th September (Manchester, VT to Boston)”

  1. Looks like you will be suitably refreshed after 4 nights in that hotel!

    1. That’s the plan, Lesley! Followed by 4 nights in a New York hotel, then 7 nights on the Queen Mary! Should be horizontal by the time I get back!

  2. Do the freedom trail as it takes you on a nice walk around Boston. Visit the North End for lovely canollis at Mike’s, the best there is…

    1. Hi, Dawn – the Freedom Trail is very much part of our plans. Thanks for the tip about Mike’s.

    2. Also there is the Cheers bar to visit and a whale watching trip, both are great fun to do and a photo opportunity.

  3. the hotel looks lovely it must be so nice to have china and drink out of glass
    i can appreciate the stress of you taking the car back a few years ago we were looking for a villa in Majorca that we had booked for a holiday after trying to look for it for 2 hours we had to go to the police station for help so stress like you experienced

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