Day 91 – Queen Mary 2 (Day 2)

A very good buffet breakfast – kippers! Woo-hoo!

There followed a fascinating talk from Roger McGuinn – he of the Byrds and the rectangular specs – about how he got into the music business and a social commentary of the times, plus guitar demos – he was famous, inter alia, as a 12-string master. Right up my street – very much my era. He’s 80 now, not that you’d know it, and he’s ditched those specs!

We wandered around the ship just to try and get our bearings. It’s bloody confusing, as there are so many bars, restaurants, decks, entertainment spaces, etc., all with their own rules and timings, that by the time we get our heads round it all, it’ll be time to leave. Heard that before, haven’t we?

Last night’s sunset
Princess Grill
It’s a loooong ship
Wake from the stern

We attended a presentation in the Royal Court Theatre called “Cunard Street”, radio play style, about the history of the Cunard line from its inception in 1840 to the present day. Quite entertaining and informative.

Found some shops, wherein I bought some duty-free gin and Jean a new watch, plus a couple of Peppa Pigs for the grandchildren. No rest for my poor old credit card….. 🙄

Tonight’s dinner was a gala affair, where one was encouraged to wear red and gold. Neither Jean nor I are particularly keen on this sort of thing, but an earlier meeting with Gary and Jay encouraged us to attend, the rules these days not being enforced the way they used to be. At least it forced me to iron a decent shirt and don a tie….

We turned up for dinner at the Princess Grill, where I was reprimanded by the MC for not wearing a jacket. When I protested that I didn’t have one (zero room in my suitcase for such a thing), he disappeared into a cupboard and came out with a jacket several sizes too small. He indicated that I should carry it over my arm and hang it on the back of my chair. Honestly, what a palaver….. Jean made it through with some gold jewellery.

Anyway, a splendid meal and some great conversation again with Gary and Jay ensued, despite my underdressed state. They mentioned that they were booked onto a trip that the new ship, the Queen Anne, was taking up to the Arctic Circle in March 2024. Chance to tick another bucket list item, the Northern Lights? Hmm……

The show in the Royal Court Theatre was something called “Be My Guest”, which introduced the senior officers of the ship, including the Captain, followed by the Royal Court Theatre Company performing some really quite dazzling singing and dancing, but with no discernible story or theme to it. Very odd, although clever in its own way. But you can no longer take drinks into the Theatre…. 😡

Finished off the evening with a G&T in a bar somewhere before retiring to our very comfy bed.

Tomorrow is another day. Let’s see what we do with it, and I’ll report back if there’s anything that might be of the slightest interest.

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