Day 94 – Queen Mary 2 (Day 5)

Well, I’m glad to report that the room service breakfast was a success. Delivered in the time frame, good quality and remarkably hot. Saves quite a bit of time. I’m sure you needed to be reassured on this point.

However, no hot water, so the shave was less pleasant and a shower was out of the question. ☹️ Once again, it seems only to have affected Deck 10 after the complete loss of water earlier in the week.

Despite this dreadful hardship, we made the Royal Court Theatre to hear Roger McGuinn’s second talk on his career. Very entertaining once again, with the only reservation being that he moved from the mid-60s to 1991, with no mention of the years in between. Perhaps it was all a blur….

Attended two other talks, one by Sue Cameron, a Hollywood reporter/gossip columnist who vouchsafed some pretty personal opinions about various leading men. I’m surprised she’s not been sued. Or maybe she has. I have no idea, and really couldn’t care less. Mildly interesting, but not really my bag.

Better was the presentation by Josh Levine about the Battle of the Somme. Obviously not uplifting material, but some very poignant and personal stories, not all of them sad.

A delightfully simple process means that we are now both registered to enter the U.K. without having to go through the formalities on leaving the ship. We simply turned up with our passports and passenger cards, the latter got scanned to verify our status, and we proffered our passports to an immigration officer, who checked our photos. 2 minutes maximum. If only the USA authorities were so efficient and less paranoid. Some hope.

Time on my hands meant that I now have an appointment to visit the tour office on Thursday morning to check out a possible trip on the new Queen Anne ship in March 2024 up to the Arctic Circle. Jay and Gary are booked on this, so it’s all their fault….😉

Commodore Lounge next, a very pleasant space at the bows of the ship with a panoramic view. Of the Atlantic Ocean. A very nice and relaxed way to pass the time with drink in hand before dinner.

Almost too relaxed. Got back to the stateroom to find that the hot water had been restored, so we both had much-needed showers. Consequently, we were later than usual down to dinner, but another excellent evening of good food and conversation with Jay and Gary once again.

Details about the evening entertainment in the Royal Court Theatre were short within the Daily Programme, but we decided to try it out.

It turned out to be very entertaining. Presented by a guy called Seth Rusedsky, of whom I have never heard, it featured a number of New York Broadway hits, delivered very well by several artists, with wit, panache and great timing. Rusedsky was also a top pianist. Much more geared to a US audience, but some lovely mickey-taking of the Brits as well. Most enjoyable.

Time to get an early night, then, but it’s well gone midnight again as I write this.

We do have plans for tomorrow (or later today). Honest. You’ll have to join us to find out what those are/will be.

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  1. sounds like you are having a very interesting and relaxing time and your knees must feel better
    Jean are you doing any swimming?
    When do arrive at southampton?

    1. Knees are better. Jean isn’t swimming, as the pools are just large puddles. We dock at around 3.30 a.m., but don’t get off the boat until 9.30 a.m. on Friday.

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