Day 97 – 14th October (Queen Mary 2 to home)

Up earlyish for a 9.20 departure from the ship. Jean elected to have breakfast, but as it’s never been an important meal for me and I really wasn’t hungry, I stayed in the stateroom, did the last bits of packing and checked that we really had cleared all our stuff out of every cupboard, drawer and other orifices. Neither of us had slept particularly well.

Southampton Water at some ungodly hour
Beautiful vista. Welcome to the U.K.!

The exit from the ship was sombre, of course – it has been a great experience – but it was smooth and efficient. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to take a picture of the Queen Mary 2 from the outside. Pity, as she’s a beautiful ship. A bucket list box well and truly ticked for me today.

Once outside in the remarkably mild fresh air, we contacted our chauffeur (doesn’t that sound grand)! After a certain amount of confusion, as the Mayflower Terminal is enormous and was rammed, we got it together and were on our way back home reasonably quickly.

Uneventful journey back. Entered the house to be greeted by an enormous pile of post, but at least it was warm.

Spent the rest of the day doing all the stuff one has to do on returning from a time away. Unpacking, restocking the fridge, switching stuff back on (including my PC), etc., etc. And – a fast and stable Internet connection! It all works, even after having been away so long! Hallelujah!

The anticlimactic atmosphere was leavened enormously by a short visit from our elder daughter. Absolutely fantastic to see her and catch up.

It was also great to get an email from Jay, of Jay and Gary, who have been excellent company during our Queen Mary 2 voyage. Hopefully we will meet again on the Queen Anne to northern Norway in March 2024.

I actually had to cook a dinner for us for the first time in ages. Struggled a bit to remember where stuff was, but managed it in the end.

Glad to be back, of course, but feeling very flat and actually very tired. So much to process over the last 97 days.

I’ll try and summarise this in my last post on this adventure. It will be difficult. So many different experiences.

For those that have followed us, to whatever extent, we are very grateful for your comments and feedback. It’s been something of a mission to get these posts done, not helped by some poor or non-existent Internet connections, but all good things really do come to an end.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading some or all of these posts, and we do appreciate you sticking with us.

Thank you.

14 responses to “Day 97 – 14th October (Queen Mary 2 to home)”

  1. I’ve loved your posts Chris and will miss them, what an amazing experience you’ve had.
    The gym awaits!

    1. Thanks, Lesley. It’s been quite a journey. Glad you’ve enjoyed the posts, and I’ll be back at the gym on Monday lunchtime!

  2. Thank you Chris for your blogs- I never missed one! A real travelogue and I think that between you and Jean you had the Big Adventure well and truly covered – interesting, entertaining and lovely photos -welcome back to Cranfield !

    1. Thanks, Wendy. It’s been great having you along with us all the way! Glad to be home safe, and also glad you enjoyed the posts.

  3. Welcome home. Glad you made it safely. It’s surprising how many of the old habits slip away during such a long absence and take a few days to re-establish themselves ☺

    1. Thanks, Steve. Yes, it’s going to take a few days to get back into the old routines. Thanks also for your blog – quite an adventure we’ve both had.

  4. welcome back i cant believe you are now back home
    i have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog every day its been very interesting and in some places very funny!
    as you say it must seem flat but you now have the girls and granchildren to see
    and cooking again

    1. Thanks, Adele. Yes, looking forward to seeing the family again. Glad you enjoyed the blog.

      Cooked a meal last night for the first time in ages! Felt very odd!

  5. I have so enjoyed your posts. It feels as if we have been with you on your journey and I will miss them. Thank you.
    Welcome back.

    1. Thank you so much, Angela. Glad to have had you along with us. Many treasured memories, for sure.

  6. Welcome back to Blighty. I have really enjoyed your blog, seeing the photos and sharing some tips with you. I shall miss the daily installments but all journeys come to an end. Hopefully you will start another when you go to the Northern Lights.

    1. Thanks, Dawn, and for your help along the way. A blog will definitely be forthcoming for the Northern Lights trip, but you’ll have to wait around 18 months!

  7. Glad you are both back safe and sound.
    What an adventure. Very interesting reading thank you. Feel like I’ve been at school for a history lesson (or 2)
    Can’t believe you’ve been gone all this time………

    1. Thanks, Liz, and great to hear from you. I hope the posts were more interesting than school history lessons! Back in the gym on Monday. That’s going to be hard!!

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