Day 2 (23rd February 2023) – First full day

View from Gary Rhodes restaurant

We were pretty knackered after yesterday’s very long day, so we both fell asleep quickly and relatively early.

I’d made the decision to reduce the aircon temperature from 24 degrees to 20 degrees. Big mistake. We both ended up feeling too cold, so I switched it off altogether at around 6 a.m.

Made it to breakfast at the Beach Club restaurant ahead of an appointment with a rep from St. James Travel to tell us more about what was on offer here. Cloudy-ish start, but temperatures in the high 20s.

Breakfast was excellent, although the service was rather slow. Caribbean vibe, for sure….

Booked the same place via the app for a Caribbean-themed meal tonight. All beginning to take shape now.

Returned to our room to brush teeth, etc., and got a phone call from a rep (Shanté) in the hotel to discuss details of a trip round the island that I’d booked on the hotel app for Saturday morning. As we don’t know the island, we took her advice on what there was to see, but it looks as if we can modify the trip on the fly if we wish – to my surprise, it’s just the two of us. One of the visits, recommended by my sister-in-law, is to an old style rum distillery which, inter alia, produces 75% alcohol rum! Got to at least try a tiny bit of that…. Too strong to export, apparently!

Met Wistell Bowen in Reception, who was a goldmine of information. There is a lot more to do here than I’d bargained for. She provided an annotated map, which at least confirmed that the itinerary I’d agreed with Shanté for our island trip covered most of the bases. However, she then informed us that the island basically shuts down on the weekends, so that necessitated changing our arrangements for Saturday. This was smoothly moved to the Monday on reference to the hotel reception. Service levels are very good so far generally.

Checked out the swimming pool and another restaurant (Japanese style, now booked for Saturday night). A British lady sunbathing beside the pool engaged us in conversation, and she also proved to be really informative. On her recommendation, we booked a restaurant called Dexter’s, which seems to be revered in these here parts. Scheduled for Monday evening, so Monday is going to be very full-on…..

We then decided to have a stroll round the beach, the weather having now got sunnier.

On the way back, we stopped to take in the sun, as we could see our room was being serviced. Took some more pictures.

Our suite

Got back to the room. Yet more pictures, this time of this amazing suite. It’s humongous, and we keep on discovering more and more. It’s Alexa-enabled, spot-on from my viewpoint.

And again
His and hers sinks
Huge shower room
And again
Outside bath
Private plunge pool
Sun terrace
Bedroom again


Spent a thoroughly relaxing afternoon on our balcony, aided by some very strong complimentary rum punch. Bit of excitement when we saw an iguana ambling across the lawn in front of us. Not a great picture.

Dinner was had in the Beach Club where we’d had breakfast, it being on a Caribbean theme. Good tasty food, with a very good Muscadet accompaniment, but rather spoilt by the loudish steel band music being played over a backing track.

Back to the room for a relatively early night, probably still feeling some after-effects of yesterday.

Only thing on the agenda for tomorrow is a cookery demo given by one of the chefs here. Another relaxing day in prospect, then.

9 responses to “Day 2 (23rd February 2023) – First full day”

  1. Nice to see pictures of the place, and I’m pleased that the level of service is as good as it was when we were there.

    1. Certainly no complaints so far!

      1. Although, they can’t get hold of gin miniatures for the minibar…..🙄

  2. A real slice of Paradise! The photos are fabulous and we’ve really enjoyed seeing them. Your suite looks fabulous – must be hard to leave it, however, Monday’s trip is going to be very interesting. Enjoy that lovely weather – it’s chilly and dull here!

    1. Yes, it’s a real joy to be here. We have noted with some smugness that the roads are being gritted in Bedfordshire!

  3. Having just got back from Tobago I can completely understand the Caribbean ‘laid back’ attitude to everything. 😆
    I sneaked in a small bottle of 75% rum in my suitcase, just so I could continue to savour the taste 😋
    Enjoy your trip

    1. Thanks, Dawn. We’ll try our best!

  4. H i CHRIS only just managed to log on to your blog Simon was away and had the laptop with him so at last i can read your very interesting blog your room looks amazing as does the whole place. here it is very dull and cold wind here in mk

  5. Hi Chris only just managed to read your very interesting blog your room looks amazing

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