Day 3 (24th February) – Nothing (much) doing

Good night’s kip and a much more congenial room temperature. Very restorative.

Another bright and sunny day with temperatures in the high 20s. Wonderful!

We’d had the foresight, if that’s the right word, to pre-order our breakfast yesterday via the hotel app for delivery to our balcony. Just before the appointed time, a gent turned up, walking at the slow, measured pace associated with this part of the world, and laid the table on the balcony. About 10 minutes later, he turned up again with the food and very carefully laid it all out. Jean, meanwhile, was having a dip in the private pool.

An excellent breakfast ensued. The coffee was particularly good.

Will do this again, for sure

We were visited upon by a small pretty bird that had been sussing us out for the last couple of days. The presence of breakfast emboldened it to pay us a closer look.

Intensive research (OK, Google) seemed to identify it as a bananaquit. Me neither….

As regards wildlife, another slightly larger bird had given us a more circumspect look, but not for long enough to take a photo. And yesterday, a tiny black humming bird hovered around the bushes at the front of the suite. And there was the iguana yesterday. Don’t get that in Cranfield very often….

We attended a cookery demo at 11.30 as planned (although I got the venue wrong initially 🙄). This was for Mahi Mahi Tiradito, mahi mahi being a meaty white fish similar to cod. Other exotic additions were siracha sauce, chado beni (coriander to the power of 6), plus slices from the most enormous avocado. All beautifully prepared and presented – thin slices of the fish were blowtorched and immersed in these lovely flavours. 99% preparation, 1% cooking. Eagerly sampled at the end by the dozen or so attending. Delicious. If I can get hold of the ingredients, I might actually give this a try. I do need to extend my rather limited repertoire….

We found ourselves a very pleasant spot on the beach – and the bar was open! A beer was therefore procured and consumed with alacrity.

So passed a thoroughly lazy afternoon, punctuated by The Paddle from Jean and a rudimentary, but complimentary, afternoon tea.

The Paddle

Back to our room, where I sat out on the balcony writing this drivel. The bananaquit revisited, as did another larger bird that I’d seen before.

Anybody any idea what this is?

Dinner was at the Gary Rhodes restaurant again – we are on half-board terms here. Duck breast for Jean, lamb chops for me and a bottle of Chianti for both. Most agreeable, although the Chianti label was a tad unfortunate….

Not “grotti” at all

So endeth a really lovely, lazy day. More of the same hopefully tomorrow. I’ll let you know.

4 responses to “Day 3 (24th February) – Nothing (much) doing”

  1. It all looks idyllic. The cookery demo sounds fun, as does all the eating and drinking! Are there mostly English tourists there?

    1. Yes, mainly Brits. Not as many Americans as I was expecting. So far, it’s shaping up to be a belter, I have to say.

    2. Yes, mainly Brits. Not as many Americans as I was expecting. So far, it’s shaping up to be a better, I have to say.

  2. Jean when you get back i expect you to replicate the cookery demo!
    the pictures of the birds was very entertaining

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