Day 4 (25th February) – Carrying on doing (almost) nothing

Another decent night’s rest, followed by another decent breakfast at the Beach Club.

Jean had some sort of nail job booked at the spa, which happened to be right beside the pool. The weather was glorious – blue skies and 30 degrees.

Nobody around

I took up station on a lounger by a surprisingly deserted pool, whilst Jean had done to her whatever it was she wanted to have done to her. It took an hour and a quarter!

Time passed very agreeably, until Jean decided she’d had enough of sitting around and decided to go for a stroll, the objective being to discover a path up the hill behind the resort which apparently led to some great views. I enjoyed a chilled glass of white wine whilst she was on this mission…

She was gone for quite a while, but reported that her search had been successful. This had been aided by a security guard who appeared to bear the unlikely name of Titian or some such.

Titian (we think)

I was thus unceremoniously dragged from my very comfortable lounger and made to do this walk in the blazing sun.

Actually, it was no pain at all, and the views were indeed spectacular.

The Calabash tennis court
Taste of lumpy hinterland we should see more of on Monday
Wonderful blue Caribbean sea
Some VERY nice property up here
Calabash pool

There was one rather surreal piece of machinery on a pedestal:

Part of a Blackhawk helicopter

Captain Keith J Lucas was, apparently, a crack helicopter pilot who lost his life when the Americans invaded Grenada. In 1983. I confess I only have vague memories of this, and this is a part of his machine that got shot down in the assault.

At the time, Grenada was run by a far left government – it was the only socialist country in the Commonwealth. It seems incredible that this could happen in such recent times. Wikipedia tells more at Amazing, and sobering.

We decided to risk afternoon tea again (well, Jean had tea and I had Prosecco). It was significantly better than yesterday’s efforts.

During this, we were approached by the head barman, an affable gent by the name of George, who informed me that a 1-litre bottle of gin and some extra tonic water had been left in our room!

The background to this is that I had had an exchange with Housekeeping asking for some gin miniatures for our suite minibar. Apparently, these are in very short supply, but due to a misunderstanding, they delivered some extra whisky miniatures instead! I don’t like the stuff, so it was taken away, but obviously word got through that Suite 22 liked gin. Can’t imagine how that happened…… Anyway, what a result. I understand that there will be a reduced charge for this as they couldn’t meet my original request. Top service.

To cap it all, canapés are delivered to the suite every evening at around 6 p.m. and George himself delivered a couple of G&Ts in addition!

Excellent start to the evening. Would our dinner at the Izakaya Japanese restaurant match up?

Well, dear reader, I’m glad to announce that it did. I know very little about Japanese food, so we submitted to the chef’s recommendations. Super flavours from 6 different dishes, all nicely presented and well served. Delicious.

Back to our suite thereafter, wherein it seemed rude not to sample the gin so serendipitously supplied for us (well, me mostly). So I did.

Another day when nothing of any significance was expected, but once again, surprising stuff turned up. The Blackhawk helicopter remnant was particularly unusual and totally unexpected.

The only thing on the agenda for tomorrow is an exotic fruit tasting session at 11 a.m. Hopefully something even more exciting will turn up….

I’ll keep you posted.

4 responses to “Day 4 (25th February) – Carrying on doing (almost) nothing”

  1. Great to see all the photos – especially the views from your walk. Sounds such a leisurely holiday with plentiful supplies of gin!

  2. Leisurely was the idea of this break, and it has been a resounding success in that regard, for sure! The gin situation was pure serendipity, but I’ll take it!

  3. what an amazing place and all that gin!

  4. i bet your glad you went on the walk especially with your bad knees!

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