Last belated thoughts about Grenada

8 days after returning to Blighty, I finally get around to doing the summary of the trip!

My sister-in-law gave the Calabash a resounding write-up some while ago, so my appetite was whetted – I love warm weather and a top hotel.

My expectations were exceeded – maybe my sister in law will be relieved about that! Fantastic hotel, with levels of service I have rarely experienced. And no, I’m not just talking about George supplying us with alcohol…..

The real delight was that it was so unobtrusive. Everything replaced as it should be. Ice bucket topped up every day (very important, this). Minor issues sorted immediately. Huge suite, superbly maintained. Personal pool cleaned every day. Great food. Incredible welcome and send-off.

The phrase “service with a smile” is maybe overdone, but here it absolutely got nailed right throughout the day.

Grenada is a beautiful island, and the people (those we met, anyway) are mostly friendly and laid-back. Maybe too laid-back at times….

We’ve visited a few Caribbean islands on our travels, but mainly via a cruise, so one only gets a small flavour of each. We have been to St. Lucia for a week’s break in the past, and, up until now, that has remained my favourite Caribbean island.

Grenada now supplants it. The islands are very similar in many ways – beautiful, volcanic, poor – but the inhabitants are subtly different, albeit in our limited experience. The Grenadians just seemed to be that bit friendlier.

Not the most exciting or adventurous journey we’ve undertaken, but we enjoyed it so much. To those of you who have joined us on this short trip, I hope you liked the ride. Great to have you along.

The next trip is a river cruise from Berlin to Prague along the River Elbe, from 25th April to 11th May. I will be blogging about that and hope you will tap into it.

Until the next time, thanks for your company.

4 responses to “Last belated thoughts about Grenada”

  1. So glad they did you proud at Calabash! And I’m looking forward to your Elbe blog, as this was one of the cruises we liked the look of.

    1. Thanks, Steve. I hope I do the Elbe trip justice! Looking forward to it. Only seven weeks to go…..

  2. Thankyou Chris. We’ve really enjoyed the ‘taste’ of Grenada through your, always interesting, blog. We had never heard of the Calabash before and it sounds really special. (In fact there’s just been an obit in the Telegraph of an ex-Royal chef who also worked at the Calabash – a fact that would have washed over our heads without our new knowledge!)
    Looking forward to your cruise along the Elbe. We’ve done several river cruises but not that one so you will be our ‘eyes’. Best wishes to you and Jean.

  3. Thanks, both. I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog. It was a fairly straightforward one to do – the Elbe trip will be much more complex, methinks!

    Safe travels. Look forward to hearing from you with regard to your own plans.

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