Start of Travelling

Well, just down to the Sofitel hotel outside Terminal 5 at Heathrow…..

We were collected by Paul in his nice Audi at just before 5.30 p.m., so we had plenty of time to finish packing, check the oven thirty times, shut the windows, etc. However, Jean decided that she needed to rearrange her suitcase, so there was a lot of frantic dashing around getting that sorted.

The journey down was relatively uneventful, but the weather was atrocious. Good old Blighty…..

Checked in to a nice room with all mod cons including a bath, to Jean’s delight. I was less enthused by the fact that there was no power to the bedside, so I couldn’t charge my phone there. I will have to leave it on the desk on the other side of the room 🤬. These things are important, you know….

We established that it would take around 15 minutes to get to our check-in desk from our room and it was all under cover. We then repaired to the bar, partaking of cider and a burger (Jean), G&T and (very fiery) chicken wings (me). Delicious, but expensive. The bar was packed.

Our flight doesn’t leave until a fairly civilised 10.50 a.m., so hopefully a reasonably leisurely start in the morning. Time to get the head down (Jean did have a bath……)

Tomorrow’s post should be a good deal more exciting. Hopefully.

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  1. Angela bucknall avatar
    Angela bucknall

    Hope all goes well with the flight.

    1. Thanks, Angela.

  2. Angela Bucknall avatar
    Angela Bucknall

    good luck

  3. Have a great holiday.

    1. Thank you, Mary.

  4. Where did like like come from.??

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