Day 9 – Bad Shandau/Decin (3/5/23)

A nice, restful start to the day, as the ship was on the move to Bad Shandau, near the border with the Czech Republic.

The weather was beautiful, although the wind was a bit chilly. We had some paperwork to complete before our arrival in Prague tomorrow, so we took some time up on the sun deck to carry out this boring but important task.

In between, we took some pictures, as the scenery had got a lot more interesting.

A very large flock of grey herons

Made a rather abject attempt at lunch – I am absolutely stuffed – and we then departed on the coach to enter the Elbe sandstone mountains.

After about half an hour of gentle climbing, we arrived at a large parking area for what appeared to be a major tourist attraction. Led by Sylvia, we entered a strange world of eroded sandstone rocks called The Bastei.

These cases include a book, which you can sign if you manage to climb the rock
Elbe river
15th century bridge
Sandstone mesas in the distance
Viewing platform from below
Old catapult. Exactly how, when, where and against whom is unknown
The Monk. Requires a bit of wind to display properly
Closer view of the catapult

There was a lot of up-and-downing through this fascinating agglomeration of eroded sandstone, and it was quite warm, so a beer was definitely called for after a long climb back up.

After this, back to the bus, back to the room, back to the bar, back to dinner, back to packing and back to bed.

Alarm set for 6.45 a.m., so I can put the suitcases out for a 7 a.m. collection. Wow.

About an hour and a half’s drive to Prague awaits us tomorrow morning, followed almost immediately by a tour of Prague. This all before we even check into the hotel!

Looking forward to it, as we’ve never been to Prague before. Looking forward to it, but it means an earlyish night.

Check back tomorrow if at least you are a bit interested.

10 responses to “Day 9 – Bad Shandau/Decin (3/5/23)”

  1. Steve Walker avatar
    Steve Walker

    Very picturesque river scenery.

    How did your knees cope with all that up-and-downer?

    1. With difficulty. Going down in particular is very uncomfortable. Fortunately, none of the steps were that deep.

  2. What stunning scenery

    1. Yes, isn’t it?

  3. beautiful scenery

    1. Thanks, Adele.

  4. johnperrett88 avatar

    Lovely pictures Chris.

    1. Thanks, Wendy.

  5. You’re certainly making every moment count, Chris. It’s tiring just reading about it all!

    1. Wait until you read yesterday’s post, Nick! Monumental!

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