• Why Fuerteventura?

     Why Fuerteventura? Good question. Principally, my wife, Jean, and I are so fed up with the British weather that we just fancy a week away with some warm sunshine and the prospect of very little to do. The week we’ve chosen also happens to coincide with Jean’s birthday, so this represents a reasonably decent present.…


  • 19th May – Home to Airport

    The original plan was to travel by train to Gatwick, as there is a through train from a local station. However, that might have left us short of time, given all that we hear about massive queues at check-in.  Soooo – we decided instead to drive down the night before and stay in a hotel.…


  • 20th May -Getting There

    The flight from Gatwick wasn’t due until 2.15 pm, but I am nothing if not paranoid about being late. After a fitful night’s sleep and a reasonably decent buffet breakfast, we were on our way to the long term parking at the airport’s North Terminal in dreadful weather. I shall be glad to get away…