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A short blog about a trip to Fuerteventura

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  • Cycling Training Camp in Denia, Spain March 2012
    The day draws nearer – Saturday, 24th March, when I fly off to Spain accompanied by my precious bike. Spent most of yesterday (Sunday) packing it into a bike box… Read more: Cycling Training Camp in Denia, Spain March 2012
  • My coach (Dan B…
    My coach (Dan Bennett – http://www.progressivecyclecoaching.co.uk) prescribed a light training week ahead of the trip, so today was a recovery session on the turbo. 45 minutes of gentle spinning contrasted… Read more: My coach (Dan B…
  • (no title)
    Usual fairly frantic lastish-minute preparations before departure. Because my bike + box weighs around 25 kg, I’m limited to 15 kg for my hold suitcase, so am having to travel… Read more: (no title)
  • (no title)
    Well, here I am, in my hotel room, drinking a nice glass of red wine. Don’t know WHAT I was worried about…. Getting up at 4.45 a.m. wasn’t the pleasantest… Read more: (no title)
  • First ride
    Not a great start. Clocks had gone forward in Spain (as they had in the UK) so had adjusted my watch and mobile phone accordingly. However, the phone decided to advance… Read more: First ride
  • Second ride
    Another beautiful day, in total contrast to what we’d been expecting. Shorter ride than yesterday, but much steeper climbing and about 20% more vertical distance climbed. Tough in places, but… Read more: Second ride
  • Third Ride
    As previously mentioned, I’d elected to do the long ride today (112 miles – 180 km). Bit cloudy to start with, but it soon warmed up, although there was a… Read more: Third Ride
  • Wednesday and Thursday
    After Tuesday’s monster effort, Wednesday was a chance to take a thoroughly well-earned day not cycling. So I did! Not much to report – went down the bike shop to… Read more: Wednesday and Thursday
  • Friday
    After Thursday’s excitement, Friday was a really relaxed day. The bike was mended and worked very well, save for the chain coming off a couple of times, but no drama.… Read more: Friday

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