Parrot and I getting on fine in Australia

A short blog about a trip to Fuerteventura

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  • Cycling Training Camp in Denia, Spain March 2012
    The day draws nearer – Saturday, 24th March, when I fly off to Spain accompanied by my precious bike. Spent most of yesterday (Sunday) packing it into a bike box […]
  • My coach (Dan B…
    My coach (Dan Bennett – http://www.progressivecyclecoaching.co.uk) prescribed a light training week ahead of the trip, so today was a recovery session on the turbo. 45 minutes of gentle spinning contrasted […]
  • (no title)
    Usual fairly frantic lastish-minute preparations before departure. Because my bike + box weighs around 25 kg, I’m limited to 15 kg for my hold suitcase, so am having to travel […]
  • (no title)
    Well, here I am, in my hotel room, drinking a nice glass of red wine. Don’t know WHAT I was worried about…. Getting up at 4.45 a.m. wasn’t the pleasantest […]
  • First ride
    Not a great start. Clocks had gone forward in Spain (as they had in the UK) so had adjusted my watch and mobile phone accordingly. However, the phone decided to advance […]
  • Second ride
    Another beautiful day, in total contrast to what we’d been expecting. Shorter ride than yesterday, but much steeper climbing and about 20% more vertical distance climbed. Tough in places, but […]
  • Third Ride
    As previously mentioned, I’d elected to do the long ride today (112 miles – 180 km). Bit cloudy to start with, but it soon warmed up, although there was a […]
  • Wednesday and Thursday
    After Tuesday’s monster effort, Wednesday was a chance to take a thoroughly well-earned day not cycling. So I did! Not much to report – went down the bike shop to […]
  • Friday
    After Thursday’s excitement, Friday was a really relaxed day. The bike was mended and worked very well, save for the chain coming off a couple of times, but no drama. […]

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