A series of travel blog posts

Me and a parrot in Oz (2018)

Ever since I retired in 2016, my wife and I decided to sublimate our desire to travel. This has led to several ambitious trips, details of which I may publish at a later date. At the moment, only two trips are being showcased – a big adventure to North America between July and October 2022 and a week-long fly and flop to the Caribbean island of Grenada in late February 2023. It is my intention to add a three-week long trip for April/May 2023 describing a river cruise down the Elbe, from Berlin to Prague.

This is still very much a work in progress, so expect to see frequent changes! To read the blog posts, just click the menus above, the header to each post below, or click More below the snippet.

Comments welcome at the bottom of each post!

Chris Walker
June 2022


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