A Trip along the River Elbe

  • Start of Travelling

    Well, just down to the Sofitel hotel outside Terminal 5 at Heathrow….. We were collected by Paul in his nice Audi at just before 5.30 p.m., so we had plenty of time to finish packing, check the oven thirty times, shut the windows, etc. However, Jean decided that she needed to rearrange her suitcase, so…

  • Day 1 – Start of trip proper (25/4/23)

    Reasonably decent night’s kip in a very decent room with a decently comfy bed. Result. Managed to exit the hotel expeditiously and found our way to the check-in, having previously sussed it out last night. Checking the bags in was speedily accomplished and – then, Security, the bit I hate most about air travel. This…

  • Day 2 – Walk around Berlin (26/4/2023)

    Not a bad night’s sleep, although the room seemed a bit warm, despite the aircon being turned to about 15 degrees! Made it reasonably comfortably to breakfast, to be confronted by a vast buffet. Neither of us were particularly hungry after last night’s blowout, but managed to force down some sustenance and coffee to prepare…


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River Elbe trip – Summary