Saturday, 24th November – Rotorua to Tongariro

Really wet, dreary day to start with, so took myself off for a haircut. Huge queue, but had plenty of time as it was only a 2-hour drive to our next destination.

This was uneventful, with bouts of rain along the way and some spectacular scenery. This is one of the most volcanic areas of the North Island.

Our next port of call was the Chateau Tongariro, and you could see it for miles before you got there. The foundation stone was laid in 1929, but it is built (sort of) in French chateau style. A couple of pics here gives some idea – will try to get better ones tomorrow. The scenery promises much, if the clouds don’t get in the way…..

1930s style and elegance beckoned as you walked in. We’ll see over the next couple of days. The room itself seems OK – a bit dark and gloomy, but reasonably well appointed.

Decided to have a quiet night in after yesterday’s excitement and see what tomorrow brings. Weather not looking great again, though.

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