Day 24 (Tofino) – Tuesday, 2nd August

This is likely to be a relatively boring post, I prophesy….

Good night’s sleep in another comfortable bed, and, as we had the wherewithal to make our own breakfast, a relaxed start to the day. Cloudy and cool.

Managed to master (sort of) the intricacies of the oven and hob, but, whilst frying some bacon, the wretched fire alarm went off again. At least this time it stopped when I pushed the appropriate button. Also had some PROPER scrambled eggs! I even managed to brew a halfway decent coffee with a filter machine. Takes some doing, that.

We even managed to get the washing done! These things are important, you know…..

As we hadn’t really looked around the resort, we went for a recce. Found a short but interesting boardwalk with information posts at intervals explaining the local flora in more detail.

Some pics along the way:

After we returned to our suite and checking what needed to be done, we realised we faced a timing issue on Thursday prior to our trip on the Rocky Mountaineer. The ferry we we were due to catch to take us back to Vancouver was scheduled for 1555 hours. It takes an hour and 40 minutes, so we wouldn’t get into Vancouver until around 1745 hours. This gave us no time at all to return the car and check in for the Rocky Mountaineer, which had to happen by 1830 hours. An anguished WhatsApp message was relayed to Trailfinders to see if they could book us onto an earlier ferry. As I write this, we still await the outcome.

Took the opportunity to re-pack our suitcases for the umpteenth time, just to try and reintroduce a semblance of order. Riveting stuff.

We had some salad left over from yesterday’s pizza extravaganza, so we decided to combine that with takeaway halibut and chips from the grill bar onsite. Remarkably good, actually, particularly when combined with a reasonably decent complimentary bottle of white wine from the resort.

And that’s about it for today. Planning to have a closer look at the town of Tofino tomorrow, as it is supposed to be attractive. We’ve only seen the Co-op and the liquor store so far……

Hope tomorrow’s post is a bit more exciting. Bear (haha) with us. Please.

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  1. the scenery reminds me of walks we have done in the lake district and in sheringham park they have some board walks we love walking on them hope you get your earlier ferry tomorrow good luck

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