Day 34 (Banff) – Friday, 12th August

Nice relaxed start to another warm day.

I should mention that my brother, Steve, and sister-in-law, Jane, are also undertaking a trip to Canada at the moment. Have a look at his blog if you would like an alternative view. Both trips were conceived independently of each other, and cover some common ground, but we don’t cross paths at any point.

Now to today….

One piece of good news. Trailfinders have allowed my claim for expenses from a debacle they caused earlier in the trip and I should be receiving a sizeable credit to my bank account shortly. Result. That, coupled with the reduction in the upgrade cost for the room, justifies complaining in the right context. Just do it nicely.

Only definite thing on the Walker agenda today was to get our hair cut. Jean first, then me. Jean professed herself satisfied with her outcome. Mine (as you might expect) was a great deal simpler, and the hairdresser did an excellent job as far as I was concerned, although I am a bit out of my comfort zone in such a female oriented environment. Cost me a good deal more than the £8 I pay at home, though….🙄

Sat out on a nearby terrace to enjoy the sun.

Alternative view of the hotel
Sun and mountains

Finally managed to motivate myself to do a workout! Nice air-conditioned gym to do it in, which made it a lot pleasanter.

After some desultory packing, we made our way down to a terrace for a bit of sun (although it was beginning to get cloudy, with thunderstorms predicted) for a pre-prandial G&T.

The “local” gin turns from blue to red when tonic is added. We had something similar in South Africa, though….
Our room’s up there somewhere

Thence to the Fairmont Lounge for our “dinner” of the canapés once more. The duck cassoulet was delicious!

The laundry had turned up (these things are important, you know), so we could more or less finalise our packing.

As previously noted, and I’m sure you’ve been following this closely 🤔, we’re being collected tomorrow morning at 7.15 a.m. 😖 for a transfer to Calgary Airport. That means we will be leaving the Rockies. I’m feeling really sad and flat about that – it has been a fantastic experience – but we still have so much to look forward to. We are already one-third the way through this journey. That means two-thirds to go. I hope you’ll stick with us for that, as it will be very different.

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  1. Thanks for the blog plug 🙂 Safe onward travels to your next section!

    1. No problem – returning the favour! Thanks for your good wishes and hope you’re enjoying your cruise.

  2. i love the purple gin thats my favorite drink and my favorite colour its a shame your leaving the rockies you certainly had a fantastic time i would love to go to the rockies

    1. You’d better get Simon to retire, then!

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