My coach (Dan B…

My coach (Dan Bennett – prescribed a light training week ahead of the trip, so today was a recovery session on the turbo. 45 minutes of gentle spinning contrasted somewhat with the harder sessions I’d been putting in in previous weeks and months, so was very pleasant. Thursday’s session looks a bit harder, though….

Did a bit more packing last night – the important stuff like camera, chargers, adaptors, netbook, etc. The clothes can come later!

Also booked a hotel at Luton Airport for the Friday night, so we can avoid the scenario we had last year when my wife dropped me off at some ungodly hour on Saturday morning, only to be greeted with dog’s abuse by a coach driver as we weren’t supposed to stop there! At least this way I should be able to get to the check-in desk in a reasonably stress-free manner.

Busy week in its own right, as I have to get some papers sworn by a Commissioner for Oaths relating to my late father’s probate (scheduled for tomorrow morning) and take delivery of a new car! That’s scheduled for Friday afternoon – talk about cutting things fine! Makes life interesting, I suppose.

Also had my last Spanish lesson before Easter – must try to put at least some of what I’ve learned into practice.

The excitement is building…..

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