Saturday, 8th September – Coral Discoverer

Another early start, and we were tempted to stay in bed, but glad that we didn’t. We were anchored off Nares Point, and the scenery was sublime. Had a cruise round the area and, because this is iron ore country, we were taken alongside a mine that is currently not working, but is due to reopen in June 2019 after some pretty fierce legal action. (See for details). As usual, these things scar the landscape but it was interesting just the same. 

Yet more pictures of rocks, of course, but these were of particular interest because of the extraordinary geological folds created over unimaginable aeons of time. Apparently there is evidence here of human life around 29,000 years ago. We also stopped at a beautiful little beach which just added to the sensation of peace and tranquillity associated with this part of the world.
The afternoon was a real highlight. The tides allowed us to visit, and actually walk on, a reef. To be more specific, the fringing reef of Hidden Island which shows above the water as the tide goes out. This really was one of the coolest things we have ever done. Amazing pictures of various corals, anemones, and some video of a blue-ringed octopus, apparently one of Australia’s deadliest animals if you pick them up – they are actually very small. Fantastic experience in another beautiful setting with glorious weather. Apart from that it was rubbish…..

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