Friday, 14th September – Broome to Perth

Next phase of our journey – our stay in Perth! Couple of last pictures of Broome and the resort taken before we left. The Indian Ocean is a glorious colour here:

We’re both beginning to realise that we’ve packed too much. The price you pay for being relatively naïve travellers. I have a weighing device, and after a lot of juggling and swearing, we managed to get our two main suitcases just below the limit of 23 kg for the internal flight from Broome to Perth. Our backpacks were way over the limit of 7 kg, so we were both concerned about excess baggage, etc. This was not helped by one of the carry handles on Jean’s suitcase breaking. A replacement suitcase will need to be sourced in Perth….
As it turned out, nothing to worry about. Both suitcases went through check-in at the rather grandly named Broome International Airport, albeit with a “Heavy” label attached. Our overweight backpacks were totally ignored. I even got through Security with no issues – amazing. Jean got stopped because of some sunscreen she’d forgotten about in her backpack, but we were allowed to continue unhindered thereafter.
Straightforward flight to Perth of around 2 hours and found ourselves in a taxi to the Pan Pacific Hotel in no time. Couple of pictures from the plane:

Checked in and upgraded to a better room with a view over the river and entry to the Club Pacific lounge with breakfast included. Oh, yes – complimentary evening drinks and canapes too…..

In fact, we made the canapes our evening meal, as there was plenty to eat.  Both somewhat knackered, so some exploring to be done tomorrow (including finding a new suitcase for Jean and a charging lead for my camera for me……) Exciting, huh?

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