Sunday, 23rd December – Christchurch to Hong Kong

Neither of us got much sleep, despite a relatively early night. Jean was still having coughing fits and I never really relax when I know we have to get up early.

This at least had the benefit of us both being ready relatively early to leave the hotel (which was comfortable enough, but a small room), even if we weren’t exactly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Still, a trouble-free drive to the airport, where we said goodbye to the hire car that has been so instrumental in getting us and our vast baggage around the South Island of New Zealand in comfort, if not exactly in style.

Checked in and through Security relatively quickly. Chance for some breakfast in the Qantas lounge before we boarded the aircraft.

This was, I think, only the second time in my experience that a flight actually left on time. After a trouble-free and very smooth flight, we landed in Sydney less than three hours later.

Some shots through the aircraft window:

Christchurch on leaving
Southern Alps NZ style
Sydney from the air
And again
And again

Found our way remarkably quickly through the transit area, where we ensconced ourselves in the Qantas lounge, resigning ourselves to a long wait. Local time was around 8.30 a.m. and our flight to Hong Kong didn’t leave until around 4.15 p.m. Oh, well……

Grumpy old man time again, but the lounge is actually really rather tatty. It’s huge, with constant flight announcements, and it really could do with some modernisation.

Managed to pass the time satisfactorily enough, then boarded the plane bound for Hong Kong. An altogether more congenial setup than on the Christchurch flight – much more legroom and a very decent offering on the IT and entertainment front. Just as well as it was a 9-hour flight……

Arrived in Hong Kong in pissing rain and very tired, but pretty much on schedule. Got through the formalities relatively quickly and were soon bound for our hotel in a very posh limo (pre-booked). A 45 minute drive saw us in the hotel lobby, and in a very nice room some 15 minutes later. The limo driver was very informative as we headed for Hong Kong Island, and he certainly knew his way around.

As with the Shangri-La hotel in Singapore at the very start of our journey, they made a big deal of our 40th wedding anniversary! Very nice gestures, though.

View from our hotel window (39th floor!)

All that remained was to turn in for the night, which we duly did with some alacrity.

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  1. Bed no 52 and the last one on this adventure! Thank goodness it's a big 'un and very comfortable in a very elegant room. Thank you Island Shangri-La.

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