Day 92 – Queen Mary 2 (Day 3)

Another decent enough breakfast in the King’s Court buffet, with the skies being cloudier than yesterday.

Every day (except one) at 12 midday, the Captain announces that the ship’s clock will go forward one hour as we move through time zones. At the time, the ship’s hooter sounds, and this bell is rung in the main lobby:

One has to advance the time zone on the phone by one hour manually also, so in fact our life has been shortened by 2 hours since boarding. We are now only 3 hours behind Blighty.

Took some other pictures of the main lobby whilst there.

A remarkably good likeness of Her Maj
Hope you can read this

The Queen Mary 2 has the largest planetarium at sea, so we attended it for a short film about worlds beyond Earth. One had to lay back in one’s seat and look up at the ceiling. It was OK, but I didn’t find out anything I didn’t already know.

We visited a very nice bar, the Chart Room, one of the 13 on board, to listen to a quartet playing some Dixieland jazz (and have a G&T). Pleasant enough, but not really engaging and I could have done with some more up-tempo stuff. Pity, because I enjoy that kind of music.

Dinner was once again partaken of in the Princess Grill, Gary and Jay once again contributing to our knowledge of what to do and where to go. As a result, instead of going to watch the comedian scheduled for the evening entertainment, we went back to the room and watched a couple of very interesting talks on the TV, recorded from earlier in the day, one about Lawrence of Arabia, the other about the details of the Dunkirk retreat. Nice to have this facility available.

Tomorrow might actually be quite busy. One talk about the Titanic, another about Mary Queen of Scots, a table tennis competition, a history of the guitar and a posh meal in the Verandah Restaurant should keep us going. Please join us to see how it went.

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  1. 13 bars!? Crikey! How many passengers?

    1. 2,100, apparently.

  2. the ship looks amazing and 13 bars
    could you manage 13 g and ts on your pub crawl round the 13 bars?i

    1. Not in one sitting, Adele……

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